Day 14 Photos // The long, sleepy drive home

As is typical on the last day of tour, most of the time was spent sleeping. Many of us had stayed up all night, and those who didn't were still tired from the pure exhaustion of Tour--needless to say, some zzzz's were in high demand. A couple rest stops, lunch, and 10+ hour drive later, we finally arrived back at LAUMC for a bittersweet homecoming. It's always wonderful to come home to family and friends, showers, laundry, and our own beds, but sad to leave life on the road behind. After spending 2 weeks surrounded by our closest friends, it's never easy to go back to a quiet room without the constant activity and energy of the trip. Be patient with us as we settle back into life at home, renewed by the message and love and new friendships but maybe needing some time alone to process these new selves we found out on the road. Thank you for your support, and for following along with this journey of ours. We are truly honored to have been able to this message with our friends in the Pacific Northwest and humbled that you took time to join us. We love you!!