Day 6 Photos // Park Outreach in Tacoma!

After another night with our class groups and talking about how we, as a community, can care for each other more compassionately, we were blessed with a play day in the sun. We teamed up with the Tacoma Parks department to help with their incredible summer parks program, in which they provide a free lunch and an afternoon of supervised play for local youth. In pairs of Touchstone groups, we ventured into the community and met some incredible kids, played games, threw water balloons, drew on sidewalks, and experienced the rejuvenating power of a day spent in fresh air.

As I watched our kids organize a game of capture the flag and invite all the other kids at the park to join in, I was blown away by their leadership and inclusive spirit. There was never any hesitation to include strangers, to reach out and welcome everyone into the community.

I also couldn’t help but watch the parents of a few of the younger kids who had joined us. As the afternoon drew on, I realized that we weren’t only showing love to their kids, but to their parents as well. It can’t be easy raising children, much less on a low income when babysitters and play days are but a distant dream. But then here was Starfire, a group of perfectly energetic babysitting-aged teens, with big hearts ready to run around with their kids for the afternoon. I was so honored to be a part of this project and this group, and saw shining moments in every single one of our kids. I truly believe that this day was about so much more than just playing at the park—it was about respect, respite, dignity, and unquestioned compassionate love.

Since we all split up to separate parks, we are still consolidating photos so check in later to see the rest! It was definitely an amazing day!!